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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'm told everyone dreams but I seldom remember mine however last night was an exception.

I had found this lost Dogs Trust Dog called William, he looked a lot like Shane but was definitely called William (would you call a dog William?). I can remember a map and I kept trying to work out how to get him to a centre. Isn't that weird?


oldcrow61 said...

Must be because Shanes birthday is coming up and you're thinking about him. Yeah, I'd call a dog William. I think it's a grand name.

Diddums said...

I wouldn't call any animal William - or any human either. :-).

I had an odd dream too but I don't even understand it. Roses and trees treated so that they went a translucent green colour, only you could still see the original colours tinting that clear green. And then they popped them in water (like flowers in a vase) and we stood and watched the original colours pop right back up again.


ziggi said...

I knew a Beagle called William once, he was a very nice dog.

Cherrypie said...

I had a cat called Nigel and a dog called Edward, Ted for short.

I think it means you should get a companion.