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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Buildings are less camera shy than birds!

When I drove back from the Hospital last night it was raining and miserable so it was nice to wake up to find the sun out!

Now I didn't go where I said to OC I might! I fancied a spot of birding and bird photographer but did manage to do a bit of sight seeing first!

Ely cathedral is one of the great English Churches. What you see today was mostly built around 1100 and is 537 feet long. I won't waffle too much just show you it in its majesty.

Ely's architectural masterpiece is the central Octagon

Oh you want to see to the top of the Octagon?

The Lady chapel

The Octagon from the outside.

Oliver Cromwell's house.

I went on to Welney hoping for Swans and ducks and the little devils were out of reach. Mutter Mutter. Also the water levels meant all but the main observatory were closed. Gid see some Black Tailed Godwit, Ruff and Golden Plover. So I popped into Hatfield Forest to see if anything was on the lake. Nothing unusual about but these chaps weren't camera shy.


Mary said...

More lovely Cathedral pics and a couple of quacks as well We spent Yesterday at The wildfowl and wetland centre Arundel. One nice day between two very wet ones.

ocean and forest walks said...

Love the Cathedral pics and are those bottom pics of a Cackling goose - has a short neck??? Just wondering, possibly I am seeing things again.

Pete said...

not sure what type of Canada Goose we get. I know over there they've split them into various species.

oldcrow61 said...

WOW! What can I saw, fantastic church. Great pictures of the ducks.