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Monday, July 06, 2020


I haven't been to Audley for almost 4 months which is almost certainly the longest absence since this blog started but Audley reopened Saturday! I didn't get tickets for the weekend as now I can go in the week so today ...

Place pond has lot of water ....  but in the middle there was ....

So into the gardens .... the parterre is one way... and there was a coffee van :) so....

I found a chair and drunk my coffee.

I've missed watching the wildlife develop on the pond... but this lot are very young. There were also a number of young Pied Wagtails.


These were in the stable courtyard

When last I visited there was no apple blossom now they are full of fruit... how much we have missed.

I found a chair and ate my soup.

I had a wander found another coffee and strolled back to the river.

It was getting a bit cold somy barber  aren't open on a Monday but I thought they would this week so I set off and they were and as there appeared to be no queue in I dashed, now there two guys and one of them has been there for 12 years to my knowledge (they rent chairs). But there were two young Turkish guys. Now I hate change and change of hairdressers? seriously this freaks me but i needed a haircut. The haircut is decent I think and they were nice lads. the price had gone up but as they have done it ok and I am comfortable now so I'll be going again.

As I left I noticed the sign now advertised it as a traditional Turkish barbers well I doubt it is my hair is done so I am pleased