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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Audley in the Snow

Firstly a dad update ...

On Wednesday he had yet to go out on his own and when I spoke to him he said he had been intending to cut the grass but hadn't as he had been nervous which I found concerning (not that he hadn't cut the grass but he had been too nervous), but on Thursday he had cut the grass and on Friday he went out shopping which really cheered me!

So Saturday and when I looked out of the window we had lightish snow and it is bitterly cold! I've been for a quick wander Audley End.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Great National Trust Scone debate.

As regular visitors know I like a Scone :) But even I was shocked to find National Trust scones making the television news and the front page of the papers.

It all stemmed from the National Trust Lanhydrock advertising for cream teas for Mother's day. The promotional literature showed a picture of a scone with cream applied first then Jam. Now those of us steeped in Scone law know what this is the Devon way and that the Cornish Swear by Jam first then Cream. This scone debate is up there with the pronunciation of the word Scone is it Scone as in gone or Scone as in cone....

The Cornish were up in arms about this but I suspect not to the degree the press made it out. Some of the comments seemed to be sarcasm.

Of course I never have a cream tea as Jam is full of sugar... so I genuinely couldn't tell you how I would apply it...... HOWEVER if I have a savoury cream tea I apply the cream cheese first and then the pickle chutney..... does that make me cream first?

The long dark lack of holidays

As you have have noticed I haven't had a holiday for a while! I normally would go away in March but not this year. Luckily it's not too long to wait since I go away in April.

Most of my trips will be in the UK, as much as I've enjoyed travelling in Europe I realised last year just how much I have missed my UK holidays. I've not booked anywhere new for this year. The annual Cornwall trip, Cotswolds (I do love the place!), Derbyshire (the second part of this trip will mean a few new places and I hope to tick a few churches off) and my first trip to Norfolk in YEARS. I am looking forward to visiting some old faves around the Titchwell area and places in the Norfolk broads (also there are two churches left in Norfolk including Great Yarmouth that I really ought to do!). Those places that I visit regularly I will try and find new places to photograph.

I will be boarding a plane this year for my first solo flight in around 26 years. I'm off to Florence, I've been a few times over the years so this should ease me in to the solo overseas thing. My other overseas trip is very exotic .... I'm off to Guernsey. When I first went to Guernsey I thought I had made a mistake but I loved the place and so will be going back! I love walking up the west coast and surprisingly there is still a few places to visit..... 

So roll on April.......

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Clare Country Park

I took his nibs out for a ride today and went to Clare Country Park.... his nibs doesn't like walking far and it is a good place to park up and for him to read the paper. I'm aware of another Country Park nearby it which I am going to have to investigate.

The weather was poor ! Grrr

The old railway station.

The cafe.... next time I'm here without sir I'll have to try it.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


I had a quick stroll around Flatford today.

Feta and sun-dried Tomato scone... very annoyingly Flatford have stopped the savoury cream tea!