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Friday, August 22, 2014

Dad update and trip to Rye Meads

So after cancelling the holiday last week I thought I'd take Monday - Weds off and have day trips but work scuppered that as it did Thursday but Friday? Result until Weds when Dad had a hospital appointment.

Still we now know why he has lost his sight in his left  eye and this is treatable so WOO HOO!! We got back and found a note to say the nurse had called  to do his blood pressure. No one told us! So I arranged an appointment for this afternoon. Results normal!! So double WOO HOO!! He is feeling more like his old self.

I did sneak down to Rye Meads. Quiet bird wise - well 5 Green Sandpipers and similar Lapwings and I heard a Cetti's but nothing in camera range....... The Black Necked Grebe chick has flown so that is good news!!

I got to the Kingfisher hide five minutes after the change over...... still they are on a potentially record 4th brood!!

There was a hiding Grey Heron so this coot got snapped.....

If only Kingfisher were so obliging!!

One of  two parties of Swans youngsters

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hatfield Forest

I got up and headed to the forest.....

It was grey and dull and the light was awful!

A blonde rabbit? record shot!!

There were some big flocks of goldfinch and a mixed of Warblers and tits (Common Whitethroat and Willow Warbler among them)

Lots of Swallow and Martins as well.

The terns have gone ...... and though both adult Grebe's are about I could only find one juvenile but it was quite big so looking like it'll make it.

A Ryanair flight takes off heading for somewhere sunny I hope.... I'd like to have been on it!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rye Meads

Well I did sirs shopping and then headed to Rye Meads for a few hours......

A few juve Willow Warblers near the visitors centre but the draper hide was very quiet so expecting few birds I decided to give a tour of the reserve. The weather was weird, one most glorious sun then cloudy....

If you look closely you may find a juvenile Black Necked Grebe..... LOL its still about and looking all grown up these days.

Curiously the number of Common Terns had dropped dramatically in a week, just a few now. There were a few Swallows and Martins overhead

This is a member of a family of Coots in the same spot....

I headed back and popped back into the Draper Hide and a Black Tailed Godwit had popped in! as well a couple of Lapwings....