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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Out with Dad

His nibs wanted a bag of potatoes..... so much better value :) So I took him out for a ride.....

We started in glorious sunshine but it soon deteriotated.

Just a few pics from Clare.

The ducks were waiting for someone to feed them,

Not a great shot I was just about to line him up when a dog spooked him..... the vegetation made it point and hope :)

The old station building is being restored....

As the weather was rubbish we headed home. Nice for sir to get out for a ride.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rye Meads - 22/11/15

I decided to pop down to Rye Meads this afternoon.

Again a bit on the quiet side with the highlight being some Redwing.


Tufted Duck



Little Grebe


Tufted Duck




Tufted Duck

And we'll finish with some mallards.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ickworth it was chilly!

Well it has turned a little chilly. There was a smattering of snow when I woke which quickly melted and there was rain being driven by a cold wind when I left....

I headed up the M11 aimless with thoughts of Cambridge but the rain seemed to abate so I headed to Ickworth.

When I arrived it was cold but dry !

As I strolled along it started to get cloudier ....

.... so time for a cuppa and a fruit scone.....

I wandered down to the second hand bookshop which had a copy of HV Morton's In search of South Africa. When I left the rain had returned so I decided to headback to the car park!

Nice to get out.....