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Friday, January 19, 2018


Last Saturday Dad started shivering and was feeling unwell I was, as you can imagine, was scared but on Sunday when I went in he was right as nine pence to coin a phrase.

On Wednesday night the doctors and nurses were happy with him and I got a call yesterday afternoon to say he was medically fit and being transferred to another hospital for recuperation to prepare him for return home. He may be there 1-8 weeks.

Annoyingly the only one he could have gone to with beds is 45 minutes away.  It is all doable thanks to the fact that we have a microwave at work and I can eat dinner there and grab a sandwich in the evening,  Sir seemed cheerful for Sir last night ;)

Blog updates this weekend will be sparse. I may not get out tomorrow as I have two lots of washing to do and I have to get his car serviced/MOTed (a while you wait jobby and guess who will be first in the queue).  I will get out Sunday, possibly Audley as that is just down the road from the hospital.

Sir was insisting that I couldn't come in afternoons and evenings but I said blow that and I'll manage it somehow.

Still he seems to be getting better and if I was a betting man I think he'll be in nearer to a week than 8.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Dad wasn't too good last night, I'm told a little better this morning when I rang.... I'm going in to visit in a bit.

As you will appreciate time is tight these days so I was up early do the chores.

I had to get out somewhere and when to Audley. I arrived at 11 and left at 11:05 as the car park was full. They were going to call the ranger to find somewhere else to park but I just headed off  and went to Thaxted.

I wasn't there long I just wanted to wander

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Anglesey Abbey

I'll quickly post some pics from Anglesey Abbey before I head off to the hospital for visiting time.

Although not fully out there were plenty of snowdrops


Orange, Cranberry & Mixed Spice