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Sunday, December 10, 2017


When I woke this morning it had been snowing. I hate snow.... Oh it looks pretty and if I could teleport myself somewhere take some pics and then teleport home great but driving in it is not fun. Anyhow I took myself out for breakfast and headed to dads. The main roads had been salted in places and not in others.

When I got to dads the snow started up again in earnest and it snow for about 3 hours. After dinner I crawled home. Most people were driving sensibly but it was worse than when I left home.

Tomorrow I am off, the car is due a service. I picked a good day for it! I have had some nightmare journeys home recently 3 hours 20 minutes the other day.

It is at times like this I want to get on a plane and head somewhere warm.... Actually although it is only forecast to be 13/14c in Seville it has bright sunshine and that really appeals. It is meant to be 17c in Naples!! Goes to book flight!

The cricket is depressing with England self destructing both on and off the pitch.

I'll eave you with a humorous cute photo.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Wimpole Hall

It was a lovely morning if a "little bit" cold.

I haven't been to Wimpole in ages so off I toddled. When I got there there were a few birders in the car park and I remembered that Hawfinches had been reported. They were to be seen in the trees near the restaurant!

As I walked up the path to the restaurant one flew in to the trees! There were lots of finches (Green, Gold, Chaff)  about and Redwing's and Tits (Long Tail, Great & Blue)

Anyway I went for a wander.

I went in for a cuppa and uhm.... :)

The cheese stall was there!

One happy mouse!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Audley End

The weather was grey and drizzling so decided to stay close to home and went to Audley End.

Taking presents to Father Christmas!

And here is Santa.