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Sunday, January 19, 2020


After all the rubbish weather we've had it is lovely to have blue skies. I much prefer frosty and cold over grey and damp.

So off to Ickworth

There is an exhibitoon opening today which the National Trust describes as

Experience a theatrical transformation of Ickworth’s collection with a brand-new House exhibition created by design collective The Decorators, working with lighting designers Studio Dekka. 

Alongside Ickworth’s biggest ever roof conservation project to protect the grand Rotunda and all its treasure within, join us as we embrace the newly darkened interior with an innovative exhibition, celebrating some of Ickworth’s finest collection items.

Firstly the Lemon Curd Scone! Rather nice.

I used one fixed prime lens today...

This pond was mostly frozen the sheep had found the bit that was ice free!

At the bird hide I saw my first Marsh Tit of hte year

I'll do the exhibition on another day (like when the sun isn't shining). As I left the queues were half way back to the entrance....  a glorious walk!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Rye Meads

I was busy this morning so after lunch I popped out for a spot of birding I ought to have gone to Amwell for a change but went to Rye Meads as you do ;)

It was bird light but I did see two Red Kites as I parked the car.... on the reserve there were lots of Gold Finches and Long Tailed Tit and I saw a Muntjac and a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

The weather was fabulous !

This little Green Sandpiper is ever so obliging !!

Female Teal

The ever photogenic Robin

A lovely walk!