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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eltham Palace and the Red House

I had no real plans for this weekend but I wanted to do SOMETHING as it is the 9th Birthday of this blog and as I got in the car I decided to head south of the river.

I headed to Eltham Palace.

The Palace was built by the Bishop of Durham to Edward II in 1305 with the Great Hall being added by Edward IV in 1470. The Palace was home to the young Henry VIII, indeed as a palace it was second only to Westminster. I think this was in part as it was "out of town" and away from any diseases. With the rebuilding of Greenwich it fell out of favour and by the 1650's it was in a ruinous condition and by the 1890's it was reduced to Edward IV's Great Hall, the former buttery, called "Court House", a bridge across the moat and some walling.

In 1933, Stephen Courtauld and his wife Virginia ) acquired the lease of the palace site and restored the Great Hall (adding a minstrels' gallery to it) and built an elaborate home, which internally is in the Art Deco style.

This is an English Heritage property so the no photography sign was no surprise. I headed into the tea room for a cuppa and .....

I am guessing shop bought a little stale....

As I went into the house I heard the steward say the house rules were no walking on the carpets and no photography in the Italian Drawing room.... hang on I said I can take photographs elsewhere? yes. Woo hoo!!

I do like this room!

The Courtalds had a Lemur as a pet who had the run of the house!

The old Great Hall is a contrast! It is the third largest Hammerbeam in the country.

Lots of spring flowers in the garden.

And so I headed off to visit a National Trust property I have never been to the Red House.

You park at Danson Park and walk.

Danson House (above) is a shadow of what it once was. The park is now in the care of the council and there is a lake. It wasn't open today and I headed off to the Red House.

You reach it walking through a suburban street. For older readers I half expected Terry and June to appear. I could of course have parked in the street (which you are asked not to) as one couple did but I was a good boy!!

The Red House was built by Philip Webb for William Morris.

Studio for artist in residence.

The house is viewable by guided tour between 11:30 and 1:30 and free flow from 1:30. Though I hadn't booked I thought I'd be able to get on a tour but that were all booked! So I headed to the small tea room.....

And so into the house......


Ragged Robin said...

Happy 9th blog birthday Pete - look forward to the next 9 years :) I can't decide whether or not I like the interior of the first house but the Old Great Hall is superb. The Red House is beautiful - love the duck on the glass :) Lovely photos!

Tricia Ryder said...

Happy blog birthday... 21 Feb day for birthdays eh..

Looks like two good visits.. and love the decor at Eltham... against the Old Great Hall which is amazing..

Nora said...

Congrats on the 9 Years Blogging! I guess I met you some years ago on your blog here! You knew I would love this post on Eltham and the Red House. I think I like the Red House Best. Love the Art Work. Nice that Eltham was restored. I guess for some places then you can't photo the interiors. That is the best thing though when you show the inside. I do like when you do these posts on these excellent places. cheers.