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Thursday, May 01, 2014


I was in London yesterday and so took a few pics. The light was awful very earlier on as there was a lot of fog about.

I do find it odd to see a church crammed in amongst buildings. In the country they are allowed dignity.

I do love pub names!!

Not sure what this is aid for? Dog walking route on Tower Bridge??

I've not edited this. You can see how hazy it was.

Nice contrast eh!

Must have been overworked in the tube strike.

One building had it windows full of Beano strips!

Coffee anyone?

Lunch Viennese style. This time Trish hadn't been pick pocketed so more relaxing.

I just saw this land. Picture for Caroline :)

There was a James Bond exhibition, the view from the doorway.

There was a tube strike and some lazy soul got a taxi :)


Ragged Robin said...

I love the moth!!! :) Its an Angle Shades (haven't seen one yet this year - you've pipped me to the post!!) Even you Pete must surely admit its a very lovely moth!! :)

Lovely photos of London - you always find something different to take photos of :) The James Bond exhibition looks interesting :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Never noticed the 'window' framing (2nd picture) before... looks similar to a musical note ... twas quite foggy!!