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Monday, May 26, 2014

A sort of twitch I guess

I awoke to rain..... for goodness sake !!

I decided I'd head to Fishers Green and take pictures of birds on feeders but when I arrived there were no feeders. As the rain was getting harder I went home.

At about quarter to twelve the rain stopped so I made myself one of my faves, cheese on toast and baked beans. The plan was to go to Audley End but one of the volunteers at Rye Meads tweeted that there were two Blacked Necked Grebes at Rye Meads. I've seen them there before but they are lovely birds and so off I went.  

I did rush to them and popped into the draper hide and here is a Little Grebe

This chap was singing just outside the hide.

There were two Great Crested Grebe on the tern lagoon. Actually a very good bird for Rye Meads.

I wandered into the Gadwall hide (they've changed the names apparently). And there were two distant Black Necked Grebes in full plumage (apparently they had been close in earlier). Where these two were now...

I wandered back to the draper for some more of the posy pair of Little Grebes

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