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Friday, March 28, 2014

Seville Day 4 - The Bull Ring

Seville is famed for its bull fighting which I can't really approve of but I decided I couldn't really go to Seville and not visit the Bull Ring (Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de CaballerĂ­a) which is the oldest in Spain.

Apparently tickets were on sale for the new season

Tickets in the shade are much more expensive than those in the sun and the capacity is about 12,500. There are 3 matadors and 6 bulls and each matador has to kill two bulls. A judge decides if a fighter has earned a trophy (tail or ear).

Yes this is a real bull. It was killed in the nineteenth century when a typical bull 400kg.

One King of  Spain disliked bull fighting and tried to replace it with the game of heads.

In the 20th century Bulls were bigger 500-600kg. Note this bull has no right ear it was awarded as a trophy.

The last time a Matador was killed in Seville was 1992.

Below is not a bull but a cow (the only one in the museum) and was the mother of bull that killed famed Matador Manolete.

In the nineteenth century horses lacked any protection and typically 12 horses were killed during a session.

A man fishing.

We went up the Torre Del Oro

We had a coffee and then went for a walk into a different part of town.

We had a slice of pizza and watched the world go by.

We wandered down to our favourite park and did some wildlife watching (saw a dragonfly!!)

We had a coffee then headed back.

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