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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cotswolds Towns and Hidcote.

I may just have overdone the pictures today.....

We'll start with a visit to Bourton on the Water

And then on to Hidcote. Hidcote is one of the National Trusts most famous gardens and I decided Monday would be a quieter day. It wasn't! The car park was HEAVING!! I've seen it less full on a Saturday. Still it never looked that full in the garden.

and so after a well earned piece of Lemon Cake we headed to Chipping Camden.

And we popped into Stow on the Wold for essential supplies.

and this included and ice cream.


Tricia Ryder said...

Lovely - great reminders of places visited. And as for the sports car... ooooh... was it a Morgan? I'm no good at car IDs..

Love the horse and the sheep :) and all the Wysteria.... well everything really...

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful :) Love the photos of your Dad :)

Hidcote looks lovely - I think its probably my favourite NT garden. So photogenic. Always busy though!