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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Broadway, Snowshill and Lower Slaugher

Well the forecast for today has been dodgy all week but amazingly I've seen virtually no rain! Been comparitvely warm really.

Anyway after a brief market fix in Chipping Norton for sir off to Broadway.....

In this photo sir is saying HOW MUCH!!

Then on to Snowshill. The home of the eccentric Charles Padget. Eccentric in the total loon category :) He filled his home with curios and lived in an outbuilding! My friend OC would LOVE it. And the National Trust cat jumped on the table and licked my plate!!! Luckily the cake was in my hand at the time. Caused mirth to those nearby. Whisper this quietly the cake was not up to snuff. If the NT read this then send the team over to Annie at Berrington Hall.

My apologies it is flipping dark in here and so the ISO was at silly levels!

I mean this is SO OC!!!

And then to Lower Slaughter a lovely Cotswold village that really doesn't want hordes of tourists. And frankly if I lived there nor would I.

It's just started to rain so I had better pop in side eh :)

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Tricia Ryder said...

Lovely pics of great places. Looks very quiet for Chippie!! and aaah... Snowshill... no Sunflowers yet though.. and the solder-covered windmill....

and Lower Slaughter looked nicely tranquil again.....

and now I know where the sun was today :D