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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stop the Cull!!

We in the UK kick up quite a ruckus about the culls of seals in Canada so I was deeply shocked to read that the Scottish Government has authorised a cull of seals.

Under a new seal licensing scheme, 65 licences have been issued to kill up to 1,298 seals in total this year. The cull is stop seal predation of Salmon farms.

The Seal Protection Action Group is working with a major producer (Marine Harvest I think) and a leading retailer of Scottish farmed salmon (Sainsbury's I think), along with the RSPCA and scientists from the Sea Mammal Research Unit to end seal killings.

The Salmon Aquaculture and Seals Working Group was formed in September last year to implement non-lethal solutions to seal predation on salmon farms and other sites such as using correctly tensioned nets and developing acoustic deterrent devices that do not harm seals or other wildlife.

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