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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parakeets are moving North

I suppose lots of people no that there is a sizeable number of parakeets in South West London and Surrey. Over the years I've noticed that you see and hear more at the WWT's London Wetland Centre at Barnes and trips to South East London are likely to see Parakeets.

Parakeets have crossed the Thamses and you now see reports of them in West Hertfordshire for instance.

I was interested to read that there are parakeets seen at the RSPB's Sandwell Valley reserve near Lichfield

Chris Edwards from the RSPB’s Sandwell Valley nature reserve said:

We know there are around three of four parakeets nesting in the area. Not actually on the nature reserve but round about. People are starting to spot them in their back gardens.


Ragged Robin said...

Although I've never seen a parakeet in Warwickshire or Worcestershire, Pete, I have had heard reports of the occasional sighting, for example, in or near Sutton Park. That's really interesting, therefore, that some are breeding in the Sandwell Valley area.

Liz said...


They're in Sheffield too! Think I've seen sightings in Nottingham area too.

Pete said...

tricia has a "few" she'll happily let you have!

Tricia said...

Pete's right... I've several you could have ladies.

I get (on average) about 12 in my garden every day and on and off all day. They are probably as frequent as the blue/great tits, robins and finches.

So I'm always entertained of sightings of 'a few' being seen; I suppose I forget how local these birds are.

The Wessex Reiver said...

They're also in Manchester and also a small colony in Clevedon near me in North Somerset.... glorious birds but can be problematic for other tree species

Anonymous said...

I feel another cull in the offing!!!