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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Dry

We went to Hunstanton first, had many a family holiday there!

And then to Holkham, I've been there many many times over the past 30 years. When we first went there two old boys manned the entrance, you were charged 50p to park. When the old boys "retired" entry was free Until this year! The estates manager retired last year and the new team have institued a £2.50 charge (even if you are in the HHA). i don't overly object to the charge (as you can get it back if you spend a fiver in the cafe :D ) but they've stopped you parking where you can see the lake - we've parked in the same place for 30 years damn it!! Apparently the restrictions apply to the staff. The new estates team want to present the house/estate as it was in the 18th century , I presume they are removing electricity and all the trees that have frown up? Course not. I demand that they change the parking back - of course they won't!

The house is magnificent! Truly it is, there are more Claude's here in private hands than anywhere in Britain other than in the Queen's collection. Some fine Roman sculpture and Gainsbourgh's. Rubens, Van Dyck ....

We strolled up to the walled garden. The walled garden is huge (the largest in England ? and is 6.5 acres) but has always been a little disappointing. For years it was leased out for use as a nursery. It was taken back a 5 years or so and left. They are a year into a 6 year £6.5 million restoration. This is all very well but it is a disgrace that the garden was left to get into this state.

We had a cuppa and a scone and then I went to look around the small garden at the back of the house which I found closed. I took a shot of the fountain through the ballustrade!

It stayed dry all day I think we kop it tonight!

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Ragged Robin said...

Hope you don't get this comment twice Pete - I got "Service Unavailable" when I tried to post a minute ago!
Looks like you and dad are being lucky with the weather. Gorgeous house but what a shame about the walled garden. Nice deer photos.