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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rain Rain go away

The weather was not good today. Hey hum.

783 St Giles, Bredon

The rain was a falling and we ended up at Upton House (and yes Bredon is in the other direction from where I'm staying! but it was the last one over there I needed :D) ). We had lunch a nice Tomato soup and went for a stroll around the garden yes in the rain, it did stop ad hocly.

The house looks dull but the contents are anything but.

We didn't stay that long because I FINALLY wanted to go to Farnborough Hall, a small National Trust property that is open 2-6 two days a week. Curiously whilst waiting for Trish to arrive from her B&B I found a church I needed was very close to it!

784 All Saints, Burton Dassett - it is now effectively in a country park with just a few houses. Its mostly used by North End I'm told.

Farnborough Hall had little parking and no signs - not very national trust the
later! There may have been more parking further down the road. Alas no photos, not sure why.

The house is quite nice, not much is open but worth a visit if you are nearby.

A flash of blue shot through, a Kingfisher magical!

You may have seen the sun above! But within 5 minutes of taking the above the heavens opened and we gave up thoughts of the terrace walk and headed back. We stopped at a garden centre near the village for tea and cake - nice!

My estimate of £250 for the topiary of the horse was off by a factor of 10!!!

Nice time with good company.


Ragged Robin said...

A shame about the weather today but it sounds as though you are both having a lovely time. Great photos again. You have certainly given me some places to add to my list of places to visit i.e. Sezincote (loved the elephants), Upton House and the church at Lapworth. I haven't been to Charlecote for years and it was great to see the photos there yesterday.

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful works of art both in the churches and the houses. Great photos once again.

Janine said...

Looks like topiary is a lucrative business! There is a garden center near me that has a giraffe one. I darent ask how much now!