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Monday, August 23, 2010

Me - An updpate

Well I saw the Doctor today about my test results today - you may remember I am currently teetotal.

Although my liver function is high its working fine and they think its due to the small gall stones. She mentioned the operation word re the gall stones but said that as I was in no pain this was unnecessary.

I have to have a blood test next may (a year since the last one).

She said a glass of wine with a meal won't hurt me but I've got used to pints of Orange and Lemonade which is quite quenching.


Tricia said...

This is good news... hopefully they'll disappear by themselves!

Ragged Robin said...

Good to have it confirmed that its nothing serious - as Tricia says hopefully they will just disappear.

avalon said...

Great news so pleased for you, i'll cook you a nice meal when i'm up next and you can have a nice glass of white too. Oh no i forgot it's the Starr isn't it !!!

oldcrow61 said...

Great news Pete.