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Thursday, August 19, 2010


a few books have caught the quacky eye of late.

We all know that motorway service stations are just a tadge overpriced so Hugh Cantlie's Near the Motorways: Affordable Alternatives to Service Stations may be of interest. This annual guide features places of character to eat within 5 minutes of motorway and A roads. This years edition sees 70 entries removed but replaced with entries to refect "these challenging times".

The Highways and Byways of Britain series of books started in 1897. This book is a collection of extracts from that series and affords a look into a simpler and less busy time.

And Now on Radio 4 is a celebration of the World's Best Radio Station. Stephen Fry is quoted as saying Radio 4 is the best reason for living in Britain - not sure I totally agree with that but it is brilliant.

The last two are on their way to me from Amazon.

Planet Stories was a pulp SF magazine that ran between 1939 and 1953. It is now the title of a series of reprints of classic SF. Much neglected work by the likes of CL Moore and Henry Kuttner are available. I've ordered Robots Have no tails by Kuttner.

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