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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pageantry and Gardens

I mentioned a while back about the Open Garden Squares weekend I selected four gardens I wanted to visit today and off I went.

I arrived at Liverpool Street to see that the Circle Line was closed for maintenance this weekend (given what was going on today this was a bit daft). This made one of the gardens a bit of a trek but I set off to the first.

I was early so thought I'd show you the sights. No idea what this is about!

I thought I'd show you Buckingham Palace. Now there seemed rather a lot of police so I asked one what was going on, Trooping the Colour came the reply. Ah!

Clarence House, home of the late Queen Mother.

I wandered off to the first garden. Yeah right! Someone in Canada would give me an ear bashing!!

The Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice I believe.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Princess Anne is in there and I think Prince Charles.

Marlborough House, currently the home of the Commonweath Secretariat and the Commonwealth Foundation. It was built by Wren and was home to Queen Alexandria (wife of Edward VII - some of her dogs are buried here) and Queen Mary (wife of George V).

Lots of memorials about here.

Carlton Terrace was built as a residence for the Prince Regent by John Nash. When he was crowned George IV he lost interest and the house was demolished. Nash replaced it with Carlton House Terrace and Carlton Gardens, houses for 'persons of the highest social rank'.

Carlton Terrace House

Edward VII

Trafalgar Square - The National Gallery and St Martin's in the Field.

Nelson atop his column.

The chap on the horse is George IV.

St Martin's in the Field

London Coliseum home of the English National Opera.

The final garden of the day is the Phoenix Garden. The garden is set in the west end and the setting is most unlikely. It was created on the site of a car park.

The garden is maintained using sustainable techniques and an innovative approach to wildlife gardening. We use plants that grow reliably in dry conditions, that look good all year round and that will be of maximum benefit to wildlife. We create many different habitats to encourage as many species as we can.

I won't say this England's best gardens but oh I like it. It is a wonderful idea and an Oasis in the heart of the west end. Oh and the home of the west ends only frogs ( I saw the tadpoles! and ovipositing damsels.

The garden is open 365 days a year and if I worked there I'd take my book there to read!


Dominion Tottenham Court Road home of the musical We Will Rock You.


oldcrow61 said...

My you have such grand houses over there. Marvelous statues as well. I do like that concrete planter. Shove it in the box will you! I like the Phoenix Garden. Looks like a nice spot for a wander.

Tricia said...


Tricia said...

What a great London day - not often I feel I have cause to say that!!

The Phoenix garden sounds and looks great and what a wonderful idea to build on a car park! Nice one and Panny seems to have come up trumps as usual :D

(Did you visit for a Cucumber sandwich with HRH?)