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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Listen to the Radio!

Pete-Dad: what did you watch last night?
Dad-Pete: Nothing, bugger all on.
Pete-Dad: I know what you mean.
Dad-Pete: I listened to the radio.

Honestly TV gets worse! My viewing is Dr Who, Classic mysteries on ITV3 and repeats of comedy show like Mock the Week on Dave! There is the odd good thing on Yesterday but they do seem obsessed with World War II.

If I'm honest there are far more interesting programmes on the radio. Listen to Radio 4 during the day and you'll find interesting programmes. The History of the World in 100 Objects, From Our Own Correspondent and History Mattters to name but three. They have programmes looking at religion and they are INTERESTING!

There are serials, good magazine programmes (Broadcasting House and the Fi Glover programme on a Saturday morning), I like Desert Island Discs (I could listen to Kirsty Young all day) and good quality news (it's a pity that there NEWS station 5 live employs attack dogs etc - OH AND THE MOVE TO MANCHESTER SEEMS TO MEAN THAT SIMON MAYO IS ON ONCE A WEEK!! THIS IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE!!****).

Of course not everything good is on radio 4 and not everything on Radio 4 I enjoy - I turn off when the Archers comes on). Radio 7 has some excellent dramas and comedy (they are currently repeating the Sherlock Holmes serial with Clive Merrison excellent stuff). The World Service to me highlights much that is good about Britain.

**** why is it that many of the best presenters have left radio 5? Worricker, Glover, Garvey and now Mayo. The new breed of presenter are Richard "I got kicked off Blue Peter" Bacon, Stephen "Attack Dog" Nolan - the reason I've mostly stopped listening other than the footy, and Nicky "WATCHDOG" Campbell. And honestly? they aren't that good.

Oh a note to the BBC you do not have to be overly populist. Test Match Special feels like a public school boys day out and so it should. Bringing in blokey commentators doesn't work. Ok Tuffers is a bit of a lad but he actually knows what he is talking about and his humour fits the show!

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