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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Chateau de Guedelon

Gosh its quiet! my house guest is gone!

I came across an interesting article today about an attempt to build a medieval castle from scratch, using only contemporary tools and materials.

The project is in France and was started in 1997 and is called the Chateau de Guedelon. The great hall is almost complete and the tower is now past 50feet.

In the woods surrounding the castle craftsmen are using the trades required. There are Stone-cutters, carpenters and a blacksmith forges the nails. Ropes, baskets and roof-tiles are all made on site.

An architectural team every years building plans. These are drawn up by a master mason has sketched details from dozens of contemporary castles. No material is used or plan approved that was not documented in the 13th century.

The project has also answered some archaeological queries. Archaeologists had often wondered why they found traces of two separate kilns at construction sites. Experience at Guedelon showed that during the day builders often needed to top up the mortar brought in from the main kiln with small amounts made close at hand. Hence there are found a small second kiln inside the castle.

To read more visit the castles website there is an error message about a video (well on my pc!) just click on the site.

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