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Monday, June 28, 2010

And a nation mourns

Did we all enjoy the football?

I didn't watch the Slovenia game but the 3 I watched were some of the direst stuff I've watched from an England team. I find it hard to understand how some of the supposedly "greatest players in the world" can't pass or do the basics of defending.

I do hope no one will think that if Lampards disallowed goal had stood it would all have been different. It was abject.

A phrase much used was that man for man we were the better team. Maybe we were/are but we weren't a team and last night the German's were.

The golden generation? ye gods if that was the golden generation there is no hope.

Before the 2004 European Championships there was fears that our coach might walk away so we given an extension. How were we in that tournament? Rubbish.

Before the 2010 World Championships we renegotiate the coaches contract to remove the exit cluase. We were rubbish.

Yes Capello's tactics and substitutions (bringing on Heskey when we need goals!) were poor but let us not disguise the fact that the players didn't perform. However strict his regime is that doesn't excuse players not able to pass the ball!

The thing is in 2 years time we'll go to the European Championships still with massive expectations. Will we never learn.

hey ho.


Ragged Robin said...

Well said, Pete. I couldn't agree more with everything you've said. As a Villa fan I am just hoping we sell Heskey this summer and get a striker who can score goals and doesn't fall over (usually injured) at every possible opportunity!

Eagleseagles said...

How true- do you think we will qualify?

Can we play as a team? Not at the moment - a collection of individuals.

Was it too long to be with the intense coach?

We would have been roasted by Argentina if we had got through.

It actually means I can enjoy the rest of the tournament now!

Anonymous said...

Anyone for tennis? ;)