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Sunday, March 14, 2010

And the world went mad

Something happened today that shook me to the core of my beliefs! We'll get there later.

I hadn't been sure what to do today but for AGES I've had a day planned and today was the sun blazing down was the day.

Today was also sort of holiday dry run, normally on holiday I can be seen with binoculars and dslrs - one with a 17-50 and the other a telephoto zoom for wildlife. Today I just had the one dslr with a telephoto and the little panny to do the landscape stuff.

I arrived early at the National Trust's Osterley Park in West London. London has a lot of nice parks and this is no exception, Osterley really should be moved in to the country as it is you can hear the M4 but you can't have everything can you.

I went for a stroll around the park and enjoyed the wildlife.

As I waited for the garden to open I walked back to the garden lake. I saw something flying over the lake briefly and lost sight of it. I couldn't work out what it was until it came into view again. Yes at 10:45 in the morning in bright sunshine it was a BAT!!!! I even had him in the binoculars.

I went to the garden entrance and mentioned the bat. The attendant said she'd ask a garden warden and she'd tell me as I left.

anyone know what these are?

I got back to the entrance and the woman said the warden was surprised until she mentioned it was over the lake and it was likely to be a Daubenton's bat. Readinng up they are normally seen over water at dusk!!

I went for a spot of lunch and then walked to the house.

I put the lens cover on and reversed the hood. As I entered the house this chap greeted me and thrust a leaflet at me. My eyes however were riveted on a notice.

No Flash photography in the house.

Now hang on a minute I thought does that mean I can take photo's WITHOUT a flash.

I broached the subject with the chap and was informed yes but no flash.

The National Trust was allowing people to take PHOTOS in its properties without an appointment?!?!? At this moment thunder clashed, the skies turned dark, meteors flashed across the sky.

I kid you not! The National Trust are so paranoid of photos that I've been reproached when using binoculars! and now they were letting me?

If I had known before entry I'd have gone to the car and put the 17-50 f2.8 on but I didn't know so my little GF1 got taken out....

And remember no flash, the lighting isn't great.

and so on to part 2 !

I thought we would get reacquainted with James Brydges 1st Duke of Chandos. Brydges was paymaster to the Duke of Marlborough but he eventually went into debt and his son had the house pulled down. The contents were distributed around the country including the church of St Michaels Great Witley.

Brydges rebuilt the parish and so....

765. St Lawremce, Stanmore

Its a nice surprise in a built up suburb of North West London.

Handel played the organ!

Attached to the church is the Chandos Mausoleum

and yes I may have overdone the photos again !!


Eagleseagles said...

The noise from traffic you can hear from Osterley - is actually the M4!!

Its very close unfortunately at the righthand upper corner- I think thats NW!

You actually dont hear the A4!

most of my visits there are ok as I dont go to the parts where the traffic is the loudest!


Pete said...


don't get me wrong its a very nice place.

Tricia said...

Too many pics to comment individually but they're all great.... Ages since I've been to Osterley and I feel a visit coming on..... ;)

Strangely enough I've also visited that Church and had forgotten... the decorations are amazing

and oh...... that little Panny ;) ;)

digibirder said...

I'd read something recently about the NT now allowing photography inside the properties. It is a surprise, as there has been lots of controversy about their photo competitions in the past, whereby if you entered an image into one of their competitions, you were, in effect, handing over copyright to them. Not sure if they have changed this now.

Very nice images.

Anonymous said...

The colors of the "National Trust" shots are lovely and the items you chose to show us are beautiful. I hope you do that again. Turquis

Pete said...

Hi Turquis.

yes more will follow at some stage. The National Trust property managers allowing!

oldcrow61 said...

You definitely haven't over done it with the photos. Wow, they are fabulous! Great stuff, great shots.