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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday - it was sunny!

So where to today?

So first

696 St John, Kinlet

697 St Martin, Holt

So on to Witley Court. Alas it was devastated by fire in 1938.

Attached to Witley is the parish church of St Michaels. I've been here before.

but first i had my lunch in the church tearooms (toasted tea cake in case you are wondering).

Onto Dudmaston Hall

Benthall Hall is quite small and near to my hotel...

In the grounds is St Bartholomews

And some wildlife


oldcrow61 said...

Wow, what beautiful tombs and other stonework. The art work in the churches over there is incredible. Great bug pictures as well. Happy to hear that you are getting sunshine.

Tricia said...

Witley Court - what a place. Your picture of the lavender beds in front of the building is stunning.

And St. Michaels - the ceiling is marvellous

Some wonderful places :D

Anonymous said...

Truly remarkable and beautiful photographs!