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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Watching Some bloke called Federer

I watched the tennis this morning. Andy Murray was trying to be come the first British Man to win a grand slam singles since 1936, in his way stood some bloke called Federer from that well known tennis loving country of Switzerland.

The problem for Murray was the "some bloke called Federer" had won more grand slam singles than any other man in history and is regarded by many as the finest player ever to pick up a racket.

This was Murray's second final and the last time "some bloke called Federer" hammered him.

For two sets Federer thrashed him honestly he did, Murray played ok but Federer was on a different level. The third set started and Murray seemed to up his game and Federer dropped his. Murray broke he served for the set at 5-3 but then Federer roared back to force a tie break.

The third set tie break was a tense affair but Federer found a way to win. Now I'm not a Murray fan, he reminds me of Kevin the Teenager (miserable !!, his brother may not be as good but seems a nice bloke) but I had to admire that he really put a fight up in the third set, it would have been easy to roll over. That said Murray should have won the tie break and yet it was Federer who gutsed out the win.

Federer is class, he really is, there is something poetic about how he moves and plays shots. Murray was obviously devastated but he lost to the best playing somewhere near his best. There is no shame in losing if you give it your all and the other bloke just happens to be better than you.

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