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Sunday, November 01, 2009


What a horrid day! Blustery very wet and grey. So other than see Dad I've done nowt.

You may have heard/read about a new study which shows that rare UK breeding birds have done better than more common ones over the past 10 years.

Research shows almost 60% of the 63 rare birds that breed in the UK have increased over the last 10 years. Whereas only a third of common species have increased over the same period.

28% of rare birds have decreased over that period, compared to four out of ten common birds.

There are increasing populations of osprey, corncrake, avocet, cirl bunting and stone-curlew. All of these birds are the subject of conservation action.

Declining common birds include linnet, nightingale, swift, guillemot, starling, house sparrow and red grouse.

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