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Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Autumn day out.

The big exciting news of the day is that on Monday @ 4:20 there is a brand new series of ...... Shaun the Sheep WOO HOO. There is a piece in the telegraph. There is repeat straight after so we get 10 minutes of corkingly good telly.

I popped into Stortford and got to handle the lovely Panasonc GF1 with 20mm (40 equiv) f1.7. The size is fine. And no I haven't bought one.

So what to do? I thought i'd finally take a look at a local church (not in the book) but alas Clavering church was locked.

On the walk down I saw these and thought of OC

So lets have another local church Wenden Ambos.

And then for a walk around Audley End.


Tricia said...

Glad the rain held off. Lovely pics there Pete. The B&W works really well in the wheelbarrow shot..

And guess what I shall be recording on Monday :D.... great stuff!

avalon said...

Loved the wheelbarows in black and white! You had better weather than us in cornwall today lucky thing very jealous! Great pics as always the stained glas one was beautiful too.

oldcrow61 said...

You know me too well, lol. I rather like that Wendon Ambos church from the outside. I get a comforting feeling looking at it. Now, tell me, why are the clay pots upside down on those posts? A lovely lot of photos.

Janine said...

That one gargoyle is pretty creepy looking. The pots might be on the posts to keep birds from perching? The B&W shots work very well especially the wheelbarrows.

Cindy said...

I was delighted to see your photo of Wendens Ambo church because this year I discovered that my 7xgreat grandfather was born and baptised there in 1703! Well done on lovely pics as always!

Pete said...

thanks all I thought the B&W worked.

Hi Cindy, happy to oblige. it's a nice little church.