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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Autumn is here

The weather forecast said that there would be rain about today. Well it was raining as I walked to the car.

I went to Lynmouth this morning.

Looks dangerous doesn't it!

So why did I go to Lynmouth? Well this fast flowing river

is home to...


I only had the 18-250.

and there was a Shag off shore.

Not many takes for the putting green!

The weather forecast said that the weather would be worth in the North of the county so I ignored the two Northern gardens on my agenda and went to NT Killerton.

Any one no what this is?

Some fungi

Which version do you prefer?


Tricia said...

Another good day out by the look of it. Years since I've been to Lynmouth - great to get a picture of the Dipper..... (not that I'm green at all).

Lovely pictures all and some familiar sights of Killerton ;)

Glad it didn't rain for long!

Anonymous said...

A great selection of photos once again Pete. I got a kick out of the sign saying the sea gulls were dangerous. It was by all accounts a good holiday. And, doesn't the weather always turn nice for you. lol.

ShySongbird said...

Years since I went too. You are having a great time, I am very envious of the Dippers!

Your two questions: Always colour for me Pete, no contest, I just love colour although I can see the black and white has an atmospheric quality.

I wonder if it is some sort of gall, I thought you had been painting conkers at first ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, Just checking how to do this on daughters computer

Anonymous said...

Well the Herring Gull looks real sorry for itself in it's moulting process. Love the Dipper pic. Great to see your use of B/W Pete.
Such a good format.


Anonymous said...

Years since we went to Lynmouth, too. Good catch with the Dippers.

I think I prefer the colour pic in this instance. Some images just don't lend themselves to B&W very well.

Not sure what the red ball is - looks like it's on Rhododenron or Azalea with the leaves, though. But then I'm no plant expert.

Janine said...

I really like the B&W shots especially 0095.

Life in Egypt said...

Love those shots of the Toadstools.