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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday - Clumber

And so to clumber park. it was the home of the Duke of Newcastle but the house fell into disrepair and was pulled down in 1938.

Today the park is in the care of the National Trust, there is a large lake, fine chapel and excellent walled garden. The drive to where the house was is a double row of lyme trees and is the longest in Europe.

Dad kept admiring the apples and then picked one, can't take him ANYWHERE! He said it was ever so nice.

Yugoslavian finger fruit.

A few birdies with my little travel lens.

No cake but we had an ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I recognized your window from Raglan Castle in 'Merlin'... start of surprise!

Pete said...

really? wow!

Anonymous said...

They were doing the final scene there... it was supposed to be the Isle of the Blessed. :-)

I just looked over someone's shoulder, and there was the window (several, actually). Same plants growing, possibly... LOL.

Tricia said...

What a wonderful place to visit - so much variety. Great pics all but the swan's good and the GC Grebe!

Liz said...

Lovely photos Pete, I really must visit Clumber again... I haven't been since upper sixth a *cough* few years ago, just 10 miles or so from where I grew up... We picnicked infront of the chapel on a wonderful hot day at the end of the (school) year, probably the only fond memory I have of sixth form! ha

Were you not tempted to hang around to hear the Nightjars? Assuming of course they haven't left yet...

Pete said...

i have no fond memories of the sixth form!!

i'd assume they have gone