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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok where did the sun go?? It was lovely yesterday!!

I popped down to Rye Meads this afternoon. Waterlevel was high and I got no photo ops, highlights being Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Cettis Warbler.

I read a fair amount on holiday.

I read the first Flashman book, its written as if a memoir of a victorian. Some of the language is not politically correct but its a good read. For those not in the know it's the Flashman of Tom Brown's schooldays. I also read Alexander Kent's Stand into Danger, a decent series but I can't warm to Bolitho.

I finished Bernard Cornwell's excellent Sharpe Novels. I must admit to enjoying the last book (Sharpe's Devil) least of the four I read. The previous book the excellent Sharpe's Waterloo is the natural place to end. I read the 22 books (with one exception) in Chronological order but Cornwell wrote them in a different order. He had finished the Sharpe series and when it was picked up by the telly he wrote some prequels and some fill in books (they are equally good in my view). Great stuff and i'm about to read some others.

I'm now reading Conn Iggulden's Wolf of the Plains about the young Genghis Khan. I've read Iggulden's Emperor series about Julius Caesar whicch was very entertaining if historically fast and loose.

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