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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday - makes you realise how lucky you are....

Dad was packing the car last night!! I had to rescue the case because he had packed my change of clothes for today!! He'd packed the coffee as well!!

We've stayed at this place before so easy to find!!

So off to Southwell,

sir got a small market!!

I wanted to show you the lovely Southwell Minster but I balked at the £4.40 to take photos.

Nearby is Southwell Workhouse. It looks impressive but to end up here was not a pleasant experience and makes you realise just how lucky you are. There is little to see inside and so the National Trust does a decent audio tour.

and as there are few photos today I wandered to st swithuns in Leadenham (where i'm staying).


Anonymous said...

Who charges people to take photos of a place? That's terrible.

Pete said...

well most cathedrals charge for photos normally £2-3

Tricia said...

The workhouse doesn't look that inviting in this day and age; what it must have been like to be an occupant.....rather not think about it really!!