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Friday, September 04, 2009


Whisper it but I'm going on holiday tomorrow.

I know, it's so unexpected. I am taking Dad and we are off to South Lincolnshire. We've been to the place we're staying before but not for at least about 5 or 6 years I'd imagine.

The visit has been planned!! I have an agenda for each day!! It reads morning visit market then head to an historic house!! I've got 6 markets lined up for sir I think, what a good son eh!

The good thing is that with the exception of one place they will all be new to the blog. Another good thing is that a few places will be new to me.

Places I expect to get to include:
Southwell Minster
Southwell Workhouse
Doddington Hall (never been)
Newstead Abbey (never been)
Clumber Park
Grimsthorpe Castle
Belton House

There are a few churches in the area I'd like to visit, but I'm less "flitty" with Dad so if I get one addition I'll be pleased.

And never fear OC the camera will be clicking.

Vodafone say I won't 3g internet but you never know. I'll text twitter updates.


St Jude said...

Have a lovely time... don't forget your sunscreen, I'd hate you to get burnt. ;0)

Pete said...

more likely to get blown away. we're going to Lincolnshire it's flat !!

Cindy said...

Have a good trip - I went to Clumber Park, a long time ago mind! Take lots of photos! Bon Voyage!

holdingmoments said...

So we can expect good weather? lol
Have a great time Pete.

Liz said...

Oooh, you're coming to 'my turf' Clumber Park, no plans for Sherwood at the same time?? Rufford Park is also close to them and my favourite of the three, Southwell and such I know well. I go to the carol service every year at Southwell Minster and my brother was married and their son christened there :)

Lovely place!

(they are in Nottinghamshire though)

ShySongbird said...

Have a great time (again!) I don't know that part of the country at all so should be interesting.

The Abbot said...

Have a great holiday. Looks some interesting places on that list.

Janine said...

Have a great time Pete! Looking forward to shots of new places.

Attila The Mom said...

Can't wait to see the pics!

Charlotte said...

Hope that you didn't get too wet in our glorious English rain! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Pete said...

thank all.

charlotte/the abbot - i'll be heading over to your blogs soonish