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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Want a job?

Given the high state of unemployment at the mo this might be of interest.

A job centre (and the local press) is advertising a vacancy at tourist site Woookey Hole, no shock there but the role is for a Witch (the previous witch retired).

Apparently applicants must be able to cackle and not be allergic to cats.

According to Daniel Medley of Wookey Hole:

We are witchless as the moment so need to get the role filled as soon as possible.

Wookey Hole wants the appointee to go about her everyday business as a hag, so that people passing through the caves can get a sense of what the place was like in the Dark Ages.

This was when an old woman lived in the caves with some goats and a dog, causing a variety of social ills, including crop failures and disease

Apparently ambitious witches looking for a "key career move" should arrive dressed for work armed with any "essential witch accoutrements".

Due to sexual discrimination law, the job cannot demand that the post is filled by a woman - shakes head.

The £50,000-a-year salary is pro rata. The salary is based on work done as needed, largely in the summer holidays, but also at Halloween and at Christmas.

The advert says that Interviews, which will involve on-site assessment incorporating a range of standard tasks, will take place on 28 July at 1100.


holdingmoments said...

I could think of one or two people I've known that would fit the bill perfectly. lol

Interesting sounding job though; I wonder if I sprayed my cat black........

Kate said...

They can't demand the job is done by a woman, even though the person will be re-enacting the part of a woman - how ridiculous! Surely it counts as an acting role, or are they now gender non-specific?! Will we be seeing Robbie Coltrane playing the part of Miss Marple lol

oldcrow61 said...

I'm on my way, lol.