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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Wakes up, looks at clock. 7:35. brain takes a few seconds and goes 7:35? 7:35!! I forgot to set the alarm!! So I jumped out of bed and flew!

Luckily everything was packed and by the front door!

Decent journey even of there were loads of roadworks! I did see a Red Kite over the M4 by Reading and a Buzzard further on.

So where to? I went to Newport Cathedral. St Woolos was a parish church elevated to a cathedral in the Twentieth Century. Newport is a mess it has no charm whatsoever (well none I could see).

The Cathedral (well really just a large parish church) has no close but somehow manages to have some dignity. The interior has charm and leads to the 1960's chancel with Piper art.

And so onto Llandaff Cathedral, Llandaff is a suburb of Cardif, Cardiff is big but the area around the cathedral somehow manages to have an air of tranquility. The cathedral is comparatively small (more like a large English parish church) but is particularly fine. The art is a mix of Norman, Early Gothic and modern. The undoubted highlight is Epstein's Majestas.

Llandaff is perhaps too overly restored, it was almost derelict in the 18th century but there is still some fine early gothic here. I rather liked Llandaff.

I am staying near Usk so popped into the rather fine former priory church of St Mary Usk

Usk itself is rather pretty with flowers everywhere.

We'll finish our tour of South Wales churches with

St Jerome, Llan-Gwm-Uchaf with its fine restored screen and green men.


oldcrow61 said...

Oh man, I love that statue with the broken bits. Of course I really like the tombs,(big grin.)

Tricia said...

The Epstein Majestas is incredible. Although more modern, it does echo the curves of the church well and flows..... Fascinating interior altogther!

Interesting font in Newport Cathedral.

Mary said...

Some great Churches Pete. My Inlaws lived in Newport for a very long time, i did not think it was a great place!