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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nature Notes

I commented back in January that a cold snap could have a devastating effect on birds on the edge of their range such as Dartford Warbler.

Alas the RSPB is reporting that the heavy snow could have had such an impact at least in areas like the Thames Basin and Wealden Heath. Initital surveys suggest numbers were hit by February's snow. I guess that isn't surprising since the bird is on the edge of its range, let's hope it's a one off.

I don't if you are aware but there is a white humped back whale. Well I wasn't infact there is more than one. Anyway Migaloo is currently off of the coast of Queensland and officials have declared him a "special-interest whale" and banned anyone from coming within 500 metres of him.

There is a fine of $13,500 (£8,000) for anyone breaking that by boat, jet ski or aircraft.


ShySongbird said...

I noticed the report about the Dartford Warbler yesterday, such a shame!

The Whale article was fascinating and a brilliant photo I thought.

There is horrible news about the Peregrine Falcon on the RSPB website today which you may find interesting.

holdingmoments said...

Let's hope the birds can fight back after that weather in February Pete.

Nice clip about the white whale; hope they get the peace and quiet they deserve.

I had an e-mail today from RSPB about the Peregrine, as mentioned by ShySongbird. Sickening.
They have an online petition to stop the slaughter of birds of prey.
Well worth signing it.

Tricia said...

The weather good or bad has a lot to answer for! The whale news is exciting though - hope the ban is respected by all!

laurence.d said...

Perhaps the reasonably warm dry spring will mean the Dartford warblers have a good breeding season ,replacing losses from the winter?.

Pete said...

hope so laurence