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Friday, July 03, 2009

The Bamboo Bike

It looks like we are returning to more normal temperatures this weekend.

There is something perverse about the British. We moan like crazy about how rubbish our summers are and as soon as we get temps in the mid 80's we whine like mad about "how hot it is".

A nice sunny mid 70's is my personal ideal.

Anyway lets get on with todays blogs.

I was watching a repeat of QI recently and they mentioned the amazing properties of Bamboo (fastest growing plant - can be 4ft a day, incredibly strong when treated).

So it was iwth interest I read this story about a company called Zambikes.

Zambikes is a Zambian company that makes bicycles with a frame made out of Bamboo! At the same time Zambikes was starting producing the bikes Santa Cruz-based bike designer Craig Calfee was experimenting with bamboo as a material for bike frames.

Now it looks like Zambikes will be exported to the US. The bikes are pricey $475 (£290) for road or mountain bike frames, and more than $900 (£550) for a finished bike. However it is hoped that the green properties of the bike will help them sell.

Zambikes doesn't make a profit yet but I hope it does well.


oldcrow61 said...

RE: The weather...people moan exactly the same way here.
What a unique idea, the bamboo bikes!

Tricia said...

What a great idea! And environmentally friendly on nearly all counts by the sounds of it!

Hmmmm - eyes up Bamboo growing at bottom of garden :D

holdingmoments said...

Great story Pete.
Looks like a winner to me.