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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wittering away

Apparently last Monday was the most depressing day of the year. Well if I may say so it was not, it was today. I can live with grey wet cold days on a Monday morning, I am in an office looking at a computer screen but today!!!

It's a Sunday I am not in the office and I'd like to get out with my binoculars and camera and see some wildlife and take some photos but can I? well I could but it is cold grey and wet so if you don't mind I am going to stay in and read a book. I have JUST started a Miss Marple.

Right some technobabble :D

Oh and by the way I've decided I want to buy a new compact camera (I am awaiting snorts of derision from twitchi-birder) BUT I'm not going to. Why you ask? well no one makes the camera I want.

What I here you say? there are loads of compacts out there! Yeah there are and some are quite decent except no one makes the one I want.

What do I want? Well stick an APS-C sized sensor used in most consumer dSLR's in a compact body give it a very modest zoom range and I'll be happy. I don't want a lot of MEGAPIXELS if, for instance, Nikon was to put the 6mp sensor from the d40 into the body of a P6000 give it a 35mm range of 28-80 and charge me £350-£400 and I'd buy it (Hell I'd even forgive them if it was easier to not give it a zoom but a fixed lens or one with 28mm 50mm and 80mm settings.). They could scrap all the stupid scene modes (auto and PSAM will do) cut out all the video stuff and the GPS. Just give me a compact camera which takes good photos.

Now I have said before i don't use my current compact much but I do know there are times I'd like a compact in my pocket. If I'm birding a scope, dSLR (With 80-400 lens) and bins is enough so i don't want to carry a second camera or to have to switch lenses. I'd like something that has dSLR capabilities that I can slip into a pocket.

I'd not use it exclusively but it would be handy. Sometimes a dSLR is too big and conspicuous.

As it is all the good compacts around at the moment are a bit flawed image wise (especially high iso, I shoot in churches folks they're dark) and have other flaws. Panasonic LX3? (stupid lens cap idea, its a compact I want it to be easy), Canon G10? to big.... The Nikon P6000 seems to fit most of my criteria (and it will take my snazzy SB-400 flash) but its image quality isn't up there.

Sigma have attempted to put a dSLR sensor in a compact body and then made it a camera from 1999 in terms of responsiveness!!

The Panasonic G1? Its too big for a compact (stick the sensor in a LX3 body give it a built in lens cap and I'll buy it). It would seem this ugly looking thing from Olympus may be the best hope in the immediate future. I don't really want interchangeable though, its a compact I want convenience as well as image quality!!

Come on Nikon and Canon just stick an APS-C centre in a relatively compact body for goodness sake. We want it, give it to us.

If I'm honest I reckon it'll be Panasonic who'll make the camera I want first. They actually seem to be innovative (shame on Nikon and Canon). And Fuji's new sensor may be interesting.

I can but hope.


st said...

that ugly link led me to the new sp ultra zoom.
i'm very tempted but shall resist. as i have just booked a holiday in norfolk.

Anonymous said...

I think you are joking about the ugly micro four thirds system-compliant new interchangable lens type Olympus pocket camera being best cause I dont understand what they are talking about. Like do I need a camera that will take good pictures and also take videos while playing dance music and predicting the weather?

Pete said...

i'm sorry anony but you've lost me!

all i want is a camera that takes good pics and that's what I'vw said. If the olympus is based around the G1 sensor then it should be better than any existing compact.

what annoys me about say the p6000 is the stuff they add that photographers don't NEED.

I'd admit I don't really want an interchangeable lens system but if I can the Olympus for a reasonable price with a decent lens then it might be worth it.

as my final paragraph says I want someone to put that a decent sized sensor in to a compact.

I suspect that it is more likely to be panasonic.

The fuji cameras may be interesting.

Mary said...

That IS an ugly camera!!! LOL!

I'm looking for a small back-up camera, too, Pete. Circuit City (a large electronic chain store in the U.S.) is going out of business (in this economic nightmare with countless others) and has marked down all their stock. But, like you, I don't know what to buy. Panasonic, Nikon, Fuji... After reading this post I'm really confused (just kidding).


Pete said...

Hey Mary

would depend what you want it for. A small camera would not take as good pics as your fuji for wildlife.

if you did want a big range then the Canon SX110IS

it has a biggish zoom and is "purse" sized.

for me the lens doesn't go wide enough.

Panasonic TZ5 ? it doesn't reach as far but goes wider.

if you aren't after range but a decent pocket sized camera to take pics of family friends and landscapes

then the Fuji f100, Panasonic fx37

most Panasonic and Canon compacts are decent.

Tricia said...

Now what you're saying makes a lot of sense. In terms of weight, the idea of something much smaller that's going to have the capabilities of a bigger brother dSLR is very appealing; particularly in terms of sticking in in one's pocket.

Must admit I'm pleased with the results of my (compact) Canon Powershot A80 - but it's limited in what it can deliver....