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Thursday, January 08, 2009

The story of Basil

In April a Cockerel turned up in a garden on Henderson Avenue, Gateshead. The Cockerel was adopted by several neighbours called Basil.

However Basil fell foul or fowl (;) of housing rules which forbid tenants from keeping farm animals and there were complaints about crowing. Basil's keeper was told by Gateshead Housing Company in October that she had 15 days to remove Basil or the police would take action.

Basil inspired a page on Facebook and his plight reached the Queen.

Basil was rehoused by Claire Thorburn at her farm. She had recently lost her cockerel. She has 23 hens and Basil has become "close" with one particular ex battery Hen called Bonnet and it is hoped that there will be chics in the spring.

According to Ms Thorburn

Everywhere Basil goes Bonnet runs along after him, she is really in love.

This is a case of true love conquering all, she is a battery hen and her survival has defied all odds, and he fought against eviction from his Gateshead home and became a celeb in the poultry world.

To see some footage of Basil.


oldcrow61 said...

What a great story. Such a handsome fellow.

Tricia said...

Lol - nice one Pete. Sounds as though the outcome was a win-win situation for all; especially for Basil!

Jan said...

He's gorgeous, I had a bantie version of him called Stanley a few years back. Glad it had a happy ending, this type of blog I like.... ;o)