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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The first flowers

When you are freezing in the depths of winter Spring seems a million years away and yet, as I type this, the first signs of Spring are on the way.

I notice on the National Trust website that January 21st is the start of "Snowdrop Season" at Anglesey Abbey. Anglesey Abbey is one of the best places in the country to see these pretty little flowers and has hundreds of varieties.

As some of you may remember I went to Anglessey last winter I went to Anglesey and a thoroughly enjoyabe time.

The recent run of cold weather that has hit the UK makes it hard to appreciate that Spring is on its way. However these will soon be appearing ...

Anyone object to a repeat visit?

The National Trust has highlighted six places to see them

Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire
Dudmaston, Shropshire
The Argory, Co. Armagh
Attingham Park, Shropshire
Kingston Lacy, Dorset
Penryhn Castle, Gwynedd

But of course you can find these lovely little flowers anywhere. I found these whilst out with Dad last year.


Liz said...

Snowdrops, already???!!

That's rather early, we don't have ours yet - at least I don't. Yet my Iris have been popping their heads up for a good while now.

I always do bad with snowdrops, must just be me.

Lovely little flowers though, definitely a lovely sight at this time of year :)

Pete said...

whoops, reedited post. not seen them yet. pics taken last year.

was just saying given how cold it is that spring was coming.

and I had read about the days out on the NT website

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely flowers. I remember your trip to see them last winter.

avalon said...

One of my favourites the snowdrop. Whilst walking on the 1st January we saw daffodils on the roadside just near here, doubt if they survived after the cold weather though!

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Kingston Lacy is a fabulous place to visit for snowdrops as is Lambrook Manor in Somerset which hosts about 50 cultivars. I had a Lesser Celendine in flower before Christmas, but this year the early daffodils, usually out just after Christmas at Clifton Cathedral in Bristol are just an inch high. A sign of global cooling maybe? Or more likely a normal winter despite the press coverage.