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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coming Home

It was a tadge windy last night!! but when I woke the sun was shining.

Trish and I headed off to see if the Night Heron was being a little bit more accomodating.

Well it was showing but it could have chosen a slightly easier spot to sit. Still it's pretty obviously a Night Heron!

I left Trish and headed off for churches. And of course both had services on! Instead of hanging around I decided that my very mucky car could do with a wash. So I've eaten a sarnie, drunk a coffee and am just going to fill the bucket up!


oldcrow61 said...

I'd never heard of a night heron. Lovely looking bird.

Eagleseagles said...

Bob and I visited the Night Heron Sunday am about 9am...tucked up in the reeds but visible!
Shame you didn't text me on Sat or Sun to say you were in the area, might have got you onto a Purple Sandpiper at Hythe!

The begining of a brilliant days birding. Have a look on my blog- funny what happens when you only plan a bits and pieces birding day with the chance of a mega in the area!


Pete said...

C - thought you knew I was in the area from the prev blog and comments on BF!

was there at 9:05 according to the photo (the exif time is wrong by an hour now corrected camera time)

Eagleseagles said...

Perhaps we were later...we meet about 4 birders on our way to the hero - 2 we knew from West London..I expect they were your 4 birdes! All had unnecessary for this bird!

I didn't know where you were going on the Sunday - thought you were church hunting!

You can sit through a services it wouldn't hurt! Then take your pics afterwards! LOL!

Never mind! I have an extremely filthy car and yours is pristine!


Pete said...

could have been, there were 4 blokes with scopes. we walked along the bank assume you walked the other way.