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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Works of Art? Well have some ducks

Well I was planning on going to London today. I was going to wax lyrical about wonderful works of art. Instead I woke up a bit later than expected and then decided my bed was too comfy.

So I went to the forest. Lots of winter thrushes about with numbers of Fieldfare and Redwings up on a month ago, annoyingly the Goosander on the lake which was reported earlier in the week had gone, still the Mallards were joined by lots of Gadwall, a few teal and tufties and a lone drake Wigeon. Only one Great Crested Grebe in winter plumage and lots of Moorhens. I also saw a few flocks of Long Tails. A pleasant couple of hours.

As I drove into Harlow on the A414 (from the M11) a couple of deer ran along the side of the road.

The light was attrocious but a few pics.

Given the last one was with VR off and was at 1/125 hand held I was quite pleased. The ergorest works fairly well.


Anonymous said...

Considering the light Pete, they are good photo's Pete, love the little Robin.

oldcrow61 said...

You never got to London...stayed in bed...tut, tut. lol. The pictures are great Pete. Sweet Robin.

Tricia said...

Nice Mallard sequence of shots Pete