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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Woof Woof

Its the wonderful Shane's birthday today he will be 6.

Annoyingly I only managed to get to a post office to send his parcel yesterday. Hope he'll forgive for being late.

Woof woof old boy.

oh and go on you know you want to.


oldcrow61 said...

Shane is a beauty, no doubt about it. I had a look at the other dogs and I'm choked up with tears at the moment. So many beautiful dogs who have been abused. It's times like this that I don't like humans very much.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to Shane! And my dogs Smithy and Barney say 'WOOF WOOF'.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to Shane.....dogs are very forgiving and I am sure he will enjiy your parcel.

Diddums said...

Happy birthday, Shane! :-)
Delilah sticking out her tongue from the printer.