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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

this and that

Given I have worked through a few lunchtimes (and will do so again tomorrow) I headed off early to get my haircut. As you know I hate this at the best of times, I turned up at the barbers I used last time and THEY WERE CLOSED MONDAYS!! Oh no!! So off I went to the place Dad has taken to using (my uncle goes there as well). I parked car and walked into the small shopping centre, I saw a ladies hairdressers with a small mans section on the side. I walked in sat down and had my haircut, its a bit shorter around the back of the ears than I would like but its ok.

I mentioned to my Dad I had been there and he said "oh you went to X" uh "no I went to Y" apparently this small centre with about 20 shops has TWO hairdressers!! Oh well never mind done now.

Friday night I noticed that my camera's screen protector had vanished. I hunted high and low but no luck. Now technically the d300 has a tempered glass screen but you never know and as I need a compact flash card reader I phoned warehouseexpress and ordered a screen cover AND a card reader.

So Sunday morning I moved something in the camera drawyer and guess what I found!!

Oh well it came this morning. The reader is really dinky.


oldcrow61 said...

I expect it's risky business, going to a new barber. At least you came away okay,lol.

Tricia said...

With Arctic weather and winds predicted over the weekend, one must ask - was a haircut a wise move, thus leaving the little grey cells less protected?