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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday – Snow, Seals, a ghost Gull and uhm I get muddy.

When I looked out of the window at 7 it was clear at 8 it was snowing steadily. Still Cheryl gamely picked me up and after breakfast we headed for Doona Nook. Now there are two things you need to know

1) I advised CP that the road was closed at Saltfleet and we had to go from the North
2) CP doesn’t carry a map.

So we are driving along and I commented that the road was closed. CP was having none of it, she could get past. My endless explanation that it was a coast road and you can’t drive in the sea had no impact and that anyway she was now heading in the opposite direction had no impact. EVENTUALLY she conceded that she was wrong. And they say men won’t ask for directions.

So we arrived at Donna in time for lunch which was rather tasty ta CP.

I’m not going to explain the pics just enjoy the Grey Seals. The little bird is a Meadow Pipit and the white gull a Glaucous Gull.

CP gave me a guided tour of North Lincs, Cleethorpes looked quite nice at the front and no there isn't a reason it shouldn’t be. We ended up at Alkborough (can you believe the church is in the book and I didn’t realise!!) to look at Julian’s Barrow.

It’s dangerous walking the maze I lost my footing and …… muddy trousers and coat. I might add CP was very considerate!

Lovely day in good company. Ta CP xx


Cherrypie said...

Great pics, Pete. They can't do justice to actually being so close to so many of them though, can they?

It was a lovely day, despite early weather suggestions. Glad I bought those thermals. My Grandma would have approved.

I was expecting arty welly shots. I applaud your restraint.

And may I add for the benefit of other readers, he ribbed me much more about our 'detour' than this post would suggest. I can only assume that my damage limitation mechanism worked when he went arse over tit at Julian's Bower.

It was John Sergeant in its gracefulness. I was worried he'd thrown a hip.

Stay with me next time and I'll get you a personal tour of Holy Trinity from John Sentamu and Richard Frith. XXX

Janine said...

Aww gotta love the baby seals. Sounds like quite the adventure!

Pete said...

CP - nothing compares to being there. the sounds are amazing. Curiously I did take a picture of the wellies BUT I thought given your sympathy at Julian's Bower....

did I go on that much? but as I said and woman complain about men not asking for directions

Tricia said...

Seals are lovely - nice pics Pete.

Yoke, said...

Great Pictures, Pete; love those huge eyes of the little ones.

I've always wanted to see a Glaucous Gull. The Gull pages in my guide always fall open at this specie.

Perhaps one day..