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Friday, November 21, 2008

Prepare to be shocked

I am off for a few days well earned break. This REALLY is the last holiday of the year. I do like lots of breaks gives me something to look forward to, I also ensure that any time off in lieu is used to add to holidays - hey maximize the holidays I say!

Anyway I may be wifi-less for a few days so if I disappear......

I am meeting a few friends up in North Lincolnshire. I REALLY REALLY hope we find a Bittern Saturday for the Blonde One, I know I like to wind her up about Bitterns but cross your fingers for her ok.

Sunday I am going to Donna Nook. For baby seal photos!!

The other two days I am away will be spent ticking churches. How many I am not sure, if you are good boys and girls I may even go to Lincoln Cathedral.

See you soon. That is assuming I haven't been snowed in !! Lets hope the weather forecast is wrong again!

Anyway I thought I'd give OC her photo fix.

You may have heard some squeals of delight yesterday as my little Canon A620 was unleashed out of its case and allowed to take some pictures of St Margaret's Church, Barking. It is in the book and was ticked ages ago but as I work near to it a couple of days a week I thought you'd like a look.


Yoke, said...

Yes, I am green and shocked, Pete.

4 days of such lovely wildlife hunting activities while I'm still stuck on the road!

Looking forward to the photos and stories.

have fun.
Lincoln Cathedral is Well Worth A Visit. Do Go and have a look.

Mary said...

Pete, enjoy your holiday!!!!!

Thanks for sharing those stained glasses...beautiful.


Jane said...

Have a great holiday.... again! (although I can't talk). Here is a little link I found that I thought you might like to add to your list (if you haven't already been)

Jane said...

In fact this blog seems to post quite a few (outside) pics of Dorset churches