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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday – Ecclesiastical Masterpiece

They give snow tomorrow, great!! Still I headed off bright (well in the dark) and early. I wasn't in my car! I had dropped off mine at Dad's and was putting some miles on his car!

As I’m in Lincolnshire it would be remiss of me to not show you one of England’s VERY finest Cathedrals at Lincoln. At one point as I walked around I was humming Jerusalem!!

We’ll move down the architectural scale now to the tiny

724 St Edith, Coates

The old church at Walesby has a fine hillside setting and is known as the Rambler’s Church.

725 All Saints, Walesby

We’ll finish off with two churches in the care of the excellent Churches Conservation Trust

726 Saltfleetby All Saints

727 Threddlethorpe All Saints.

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