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Thursday, November 13, 2008

But is it genuine?

Apparently two paintings by Caravaggio have been discovered and will go on display at the Queen's Gallery at Edinburgh's Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The pictures have been known for years but had been considered copies, when the pictures were being cleaned for the exhibition. During the cleaning process pecialists were able to carry out detailed examinations of several paintings and assess their status with scholars in the field.

Are they REALLY Caravaggio's? Who knows but why I am reminded of the scene from Inpsector Morse when the artist father of the victim calls out in the Gallery "How do you know they are genuine? Because someone tells you".

Does it matter? I may sound like a philistine but I think not. If something is beautiful and thought provoking and inspirational that will do for me.

Still the pictures look gorgeous, I like this sort of "thing". The exhibition "The Art of Italy in the Royal Collection: The Baroque" runs from 13th November 2008 to 8th March 2009. Always worth checking out the Royal Collection. There is one on Breughel to Rubens at Buckingham Palace until next April.

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Anonymous said...

I always like Caravaggio and his, oh, what is that lovely word to describe the way he contrasted light and dark...scu, chi...chiaroscuro. Had to look it up.

Paintings from the Queen's collection were here about a year or two ago featured in an exhibit about Virginia in the new world. Grand things.