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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wrest Park Update

You may remember that I visited Wrest Park earlier this year.

Well Nathalie stopped by and pointed me to a link about the restoration of Wrest Park.

Apparently English Heritage gained ownership two years ago and is in the process of restoring it. English Heritage has spent two million pound so far and has a two decade restoration plan for the garden.

Natalie tells me the scaffolding has been removed so I'll have to head back next year and see how it goes.

Hey Natalie couldn't find your blog so could leave a thank you. Hope you catch this.

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Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi Pete, I remember the post on Wrest when I went back and looked ...I had not left a comment that day but had read it...I am so glad it will be restored as it is beautiful and hope you go back again...thanks for the visit to my blog...I never thought of using paint.