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Friday, October 24, 2008

Well there's a surprise

You will no doubt be surprised to read that your blogger is off for a few days. No laughing at the back.

Yes I am off for my traditional end of October jaunt to Norfolk.

I'll be meeting a few people up there and I'll even be ferried about as I'm not driving (I've been to the doctors for some tranquilisers).

Photos will be posted up everynight I hope. Got to keep OC happy.

Although this is primarily a birding jaunt I may get to Norwich, which has a wonderful medieval Cathedral, a superb parish church and a Roman Catholic Cathedral. I am gutted that the Octagon Chapel is only open Friday mornings (it was on my list).

How much birding that gets done will depend on the weather! Where else I get to depends on where my driver is prepared to drive to.

Yes OC camera is packed as will be the little one.

No this is not the last jaunt of the year. I promised you the seals of Donna Nook last year and was unable to deliver. That one is forthcoming in November.


oldcrow61 said...

Another holiday in November..tut! lol
Looking forward to pictures. Hope you get to the medieval cathedral, sounds interesting.

Anna said...

Definitely worth going to Donna Nook. I went there last year and it was great. Hopefully going again this year!