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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sorry OC

I woke this morning and I realised I didn’t feel 100% (still don’t but I feel better ate a full meal so must be a bit better eh), I ducked out on a Full English Breakfast and had scrambled eggs and bacon.

It had been raining overnight but with the exception of one heavy shower mid-morning it stayed dry if dull.

I had 5 target churches to finish Worcstershire, the first one on Saturday though new to me and on the list wasn’t a target. I got one of the 5 Sunday and knew that one was locked (I had contacted the vicar). So I tried for the other 3.

718 St John the Baptist, Lower Strensham. Now redundant and in the care of the CCT,

719 St Cassian, Chaddesley Corbett

720 Holy Trinity and St Mary. I got lucky here the sign on the door said that the church was normally locked but was open Tuesday’s for private prayer, and today was Tuesday!!!!

The church is not old (100 years or so) and is in the Arts & Crafts style. I’ve never seen anything like the mini cloister with a pulpit in it.

Now I had mentioned a couple of places to OC I could visit and I had been to none of them so I was going to one today but I saw the sign for Hanbury Hall (which you’ve seen before) and didn’t fancy a drive.

The house is classic William & Mary,

So as a little extra titbit Tewkesbury Parish Church

Ok it is a bit more than a parish church. Tewkesbury was an Abbey at the time of the dissolution and with the exception of the loss of the Lady Chapel it is largely complete.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful stuff Pete. Too much to comment on really. I love it all.

Tricia said...

Tewkesbury is very dramatic - ornate and colourful. Particularly like the more unusual colouring of the windows.

Pete said...

I kind of tought OC you would want the cherub at Hanbury.

Trish - windows were really nice

Janine said...

What's that sculpture in the corner? (dsc 2759) Is it a martyr? Its really creepy!
The windows at this one are particularly nice. So many ancient accents throughout. I think this is one of the best churches you have shared with us!

Pete said...

hi Janine

not sure what it is. Modern art! The multi coloured windows are modern as well.

and you are right its probably one of the best parish churches in England. In scale its more like a cathedral.