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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ah well I'm back. I missed the snow that appeared Tuesday night, first time its snowed in London in October for 70 years apparently!

I missed Autumnwatch on Monday but I've quite enjoyed it Tuesday and Wednesday. Bill is much quieter which helps (Bill if you read this (unlikely I know), go watch Birding with Bill Oddie and Bill Oddie goes wild. And can we have more of this please! Less humour more of the Bill who obviously loves wildlife with a passion).

I have to say I'm not a fan of the Autumn/Spring watch format. Simon King always does the same thing. Not more flipping Deer!! I would have thought that a series of pre-recorded shows can do it much better. I don't know how about a half hour programme all about the Red Squirrels on Brownsea, Bill shows us Norfolk in October that sort of thing. You could get John Aitcheson, Chris Packham, Gordon Buchanan to do a programme each on the different aspects of Autumn. Along the lines of the programmes made for the old Wildlife on One series. As it is it all fills a bit disjointed and samey.


KAZ said...

*Not more flipping Deer!!*
Exactly what I said.
I think Kate Humble makes Bill silly - she has a real school ma'am attitude.

Liz said...

I have to agree, Autumn/Spring watch are all the same and all really annoying.

It's the same thing, and live tv just really isn't very interesting because you're counting on the animals actually doing something - just like with the Big Cat live, it was just boring.

Kate said...

I couldn't watch the deer, they were so, umm, rude, and I felt like a voyeur.