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Friday, August 22, 2008


The Olympics are almost over. From a British perspective it has been wonderful to behold so many medals, ah the memories of Atlanta in '96 when the rowing knights Redgrave and Pinsent got our lone gold.

I've enjoyed the obvious team spirit in the Rowing, Sailing, Cycling and Swimming. We've been impressed by Michael Phelps but somehow I don't think Phelps achievement has quite captured the public imagination. 8 golds and 8 World Records (I think that's right) but you can't help but feel that technology has helped the times and he has more chances to win medals as a Swimmer(boxing only one for instance). Still the man deserves huge admiration.

From a British perspective the coxless 4's last gasp win over the Aussie's was heartstopping, Rebecca Adlington's enthusiasm catching and Ben Ainslie's mastery of the waves incredible.

In the Gymnastics we watched the grace of Nastia Lukin prevail over the power of Shawn Johnson.

BUT there is one man who left me speechless. Usain Bolt lined up for the men's 100m and then WOW he charged ahead and for the last 15m just seemed to job. As a comedian on Mock the Week put, it short of turning around and taking a picture on his mobile phone he couldn't have taken the p!ss more! Then you looked at the time 9.69? 9.69!! That's a world record. OMG That's a world record and he wasn't flat out!!

On Wednesday it was the 200m and at 15:20 BST we opened the internet up (naughty I know) and watched the 200m. This time he went flat out all the way..... At Atlanta in 1996 had I watched Michael Johnson break the 200m world record, at the time I thought I'd never see it broken he was so far in front of everyone else and.... guess what when the clock stopped Usain Bolt had done it again.

That first 100m though left me with my mouth wide open..... did you see.....


Tricia said...

It's been an amazing Olympics I would agree. And, only this morning Tim Brabants takes the gold in the 1,000m Kayak event - a first gold for Britain in this event (and he comes from Surrey!)

Eagleseagles said...

" Lightening Bolt so appropriate " fabulous and its great to see us do so well as said.

I like the win at all costs attitude of Shenadze on the BMX - I bet she will be on the Cycle Track in 2012 getting Gold and maybe doing the BMX too! Yes she could have won a Silver but that wasn't what she was there for...Gold or nought!

(Very unBritish! Go girl!!)