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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here there and every where

Trish had commented that she was going to Barnes first thing so I thought I would surprise her. At 9:30 there was no Trish! I texted her and asked if a little bit of rain had put her off. It had ! When she realised I was there she quickly turned up!

So in the rain we had a walk. Not much about a single wigeon (the later photo is of a collection bird), a few Sand Martins and a flash of a Kingfisher (twice). Apparently there were Garganey present and a Redstart but we never saw them. Knew I should have taken a scope!

Anwway a few photos.

But the real star was this chap walking by a picnic table.

The thing about Barnes i don't like is that the food is what my mate Dave would say is Poncey. I had said to Trish that I wasn't staying at Barnes all day because I wanted to go to Dorney Court near Slough. The website had said the attached Garden Centre did food and very nice the sarnies were as well. The Palmers have lived there for 30 generations. The front looks tudor but paintings from Georgian times show a georgian facade. Is it Tudor or a Victorian add on to a Georgian front (which was added to an original Tudor frontage!). Like Chartwell yesterday its a house you could live in.

I reckon OC will like this fountain.

Dorney is a nice small house and garden. You are taken around by guided tour. You may be wondering quite why i was so keen to go there. The more alert of you will have notice a church tower (which is Tudor i guess, you get a few brick towers in Essex) :D

715 St James the Less, Dorney.

Must be enough there for OC eh ;)


Yoke said...

is your Grey Heron afraid of getting wet feet?

I cannot help but love Ratty. He's beautiful! He can visit my blog at any time!

oldcrow61 said...

I reckon OC would like that fountain as well, lol. Pictures are great, you do get around on your days out. Can't help buy love that Ratty.

Anonymous said...

Pete ~ This was so enjoyable... a veritable potpourri and a visual feast that truly represents the wonderful diversity of your interests and photography. How fortuitous that I just recommended your blog to a friend... Deb

Pete said...

why thanks deb

Anna said...

Like the dolphin window... reminds me of singing Carter's Benedicite last year, taken from the same text.

There's a movement called "Whales and waters" with that text and it was my favourite one, with really low notes for us altos and a real feeling of huge things moving very slowly and gracefully. Plus strings making whale noises!